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No Nasty Surprises Guarantee

We guarantee there will be no nasty surprises when we hand you back your keys or you get your money back!

No it’s not a sales gimmick, it’s our guarantee of courteous communication.

In a nutshell, we’re trying to take away the stress of a surprise bill—so if when you come back in to pick up your car from a service with Saxtons and you’re surprised by the bill, we’ll refund the difference of what was explained and what was charged.

At Saxtons we strive to provide effective communication throughout the service of your vehicle. We understand there’s nothing worse than the surprise of the bill at the end of the day, so we promise to communicate all variations effectively.


  • Only applies to the registered owner of the vehicle
  • Only valid for customers of Saxton Autos Petone
  • ‘Money back’ is for the difference of what was explained and what was charged
  • Guarantee can only be invoked once the keys are handed back to the owner of the vehicle and after they’ve received our ‘unexpected’ charge—at our discretion